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SPIbelt™: Running Belts, Fitness Belts, Travel Belts

A SPIbelt™ (which stands for "small personal item belt") is a discreet way to carry your phone, keys, and credit cards while running and on the go. Whether you're taking a walk around the neighborhood or training for a marathon, SPIbelt™ products are comfortable, low-profile and bounce-free. They expand to hold any smart phone, keys, money, ID, even a passport, and come in a variety of colors. Take a SPIbelt™ on your run, hike, bike, or travels without distraction, bulk, or bouncing.


The SPIbelt’s™ bounce-free design doesn't move when you run and holds everything you need to train for a race. Try a belt that holds energy gel loops, one that is water and weather resistant, or one with an extra large pocket for holding the iPhone 6 Plus® or the Samsung Galaxy®.


Keep your passport and personal items close at hand and safe when traveling. The SPIbelt™ is easily hidden under a shirt and provides quick access to important documents, your phone, or your camera.


The Kids' SPIbelt™ is the perfect way to carry insulin supplies. It allows your children to stay physically active while wearing a pump or other medical devices. This belt allows infusion tubing and headphone cords to pass through the pocket.