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Style No. 7BL-E003-001


Red with Black Zipper

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The SPIbelt™ Endurance Series features a larger neoprene pocket to carry all your race day essentials. With larger elastic (1.5"), this SPIbelt™ is more stable with heavier loads. It also comes with holsters for energy gels and adjustable race bib toggles. Additionally, the SPIbelt™ Endurance Series is completed with reflective trim for increased visibility.

The SPIbelt™ Endurance Series also features a special, water-resistant lining that is incorporated into the pocket's fabric, which adds an extra level of protection over our Original SPIbelt™.

IMPORTANT: This product is not waterproof. Items may be exposed to moisture. We recommend the use of a waterproof LokSak® resealable bag if using with electronics or other small personal items that must remain dry. If using without waterproof bag, we suggest turning off electronics to prevent internal heat and moisture build-up.

Pockets expands to 6" x 3" x 2".

Fits waist size 29" through 50".

Proudly made in Austin, Texas.

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I LOVE THIS. I am training for a marathon and wanted something small to carry my gels and cell phone. This belt is great! Stays in place (no bouncing) and holds EVERYTHING. It is a must for longer runs.
I used this product during the 2013 Carolina Spartan Beast Race and it worked perfectly! I couldn't be happier with it. The pouch carried my Galaxy S3 (which is inside a Lifeproof case) and my timing chip. I also used the holsters to carry Gu and used the bib holder. Great product!
This looks like a well-made product and I look forward to getting one that can hold my phone. Shame on me I guess. I carefully measured my phablet - LG Optimus Pro (same size as larger Samsung Galaxy and the new Iphone 6) - and knew it would be a tight fit in the original SPIBelt. Then I saw the endurance series which boasted both more waterproof-ness, bib number toggles and "an extra large pocket." Well, the pocket is advertised as the normal 6"x3"x2" both on the product AND on the bottom of its web-page. I missed that and was fooled by the extra large pocket statement. Can I close the pocket over my phone - yes with great effort. Probably wouldn't hold much else. I will exchange for the large pocket model.
Bob J
I have one of these and use it all the time. I love the water-resistance, the bib holders and the reflective strip. I do wish the pocket was just a smidge larger -- I use RunKeeper on my phone and sometimes it pauses when I have to squash the phone into the pocket. That's annoying. Nevertheless, I have several SPIbelts, but this is the one I use most of the time.
Pat K.
This is by far my favourite SPI Belt product. I love the amount of things I can fit in here, especially for my long races. The bib toggles work well and I have been able to fit a gel, two sets of of keys and a cell phone and still forget I was wearing the belt. I recommend this to anyone who is doing long distance, endurance events.
Jessica Kuepfer
Will the SPIbelt™ hold a racing bib (number)? If so, all models?
Yes it will hold a race number, but you will also need  to purchase a set of race number toggles. They will loop around the elastic of your SPIbelt™.
What size SPIbelt™ should I buy?

We offer three sizes of SPIbelts™. The Kids' SPIbelts™ are adjustable to comfortably accommodate any child with a 18" – 26" waist (all kids' belts come with a non-logo band). Our Original SPIbelt™ is tailored for a 25"-50" waist. And the 55" SPIbelts™ will fit a 55"–75" waist. 

Is SPIbelt™ washable?

Yes. Hand wash with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Care concerns: machine washing and drying your SPIbelt™ may lead to fabric snags and broken plastic.

Is SPIbelt™ sweat-proof or weather-proof?

IMPORTANT: This product is not waterproof. Items may be exposed to moisture. We recommend the use of a waterproof LokSak® resealable bag if using with electronics or other small personal items that must remain dry. If using without waterproof bag, we suggest turning off electronics to prevent internal heat and moisture build-up.

How many gels will it hold?

SPIbelt™ with Energy Gel Loops is designed to hold up to six gels which slide into our elastic strap on the outside of the belt. You will also be able to hold another eight gels in the pocket. This belt comes with the Original SPIbelt™ and the option of Water-Resistant SPIbelt™ as well.

Hi,Can I add the solo pocket to the endurance SPIBELT in order to have a dual pocket solution?Thanks,Carlos
Yes, the Solo Pocket SPIbelts attaches to our belts with 1" elastic loops on either side of the pocket and fits on to our Endurance SPIbelt.
Does SPIbelt™ bounce when full?

It does not bounce when used properly. For best results, position it below your waistband. The heavier the items (i.e. iPod™ & smartphone), the more snuggly you'll want to adjust it. Place flat and larger items in first, so closer to your body. Be realistic when filling your SPIbelt™. A standard load consists of an iPod™, smartphone, cash, ID, and car key.

How big is SPIbelt's™ pocket?

The Original SPIbelt™ pocket is 6.5" long and will expand to 3" high by 2" deep.

Will the original spibelt hold an iphone 6?
The Original SPIbelt will fit the iPhone 6. However, it will be a very tight fit if you have a bulky phone case.
What is your return policy?

If within 30 days you are not entirely satisfied with your SPIbelt purchase, you may return it.  Please return to the address listed below.  Enclose your packing slip with your order number, and provide instruction on whether you would like to return or exchange your purchase. Note:  Exchanges and returns must be in new condition with the tags attached.  For returns, it is our policy to refund the cost of the merchandise and tax only.  All shipping charges are non-refundable.  If your package or products are damaged upon arrival, please give us a call right away at 1-866-966-4440. SPIbelt is not responsible for packages lost in transit.

Warranty return instructions:  Mail to the address listed below. All of our belts are covered by a one year limited warranty, for any defective parts or flaws to the belt, we will refund you in full or exchange your belt with no questions asked.

8201 East Riverside Drive
Building 4, Suite 125
Austin TX, 78744

How long does it take for free US shipping?
USPS First Class Shipping typically takes about 3-7 days to arrive.
How do I get the free shipping?

Free shipping applies to all order in the United States, which you select when you are checking out.

I recently purchased an original SPIbelt in all Black about a month ago and the zipper broke apart from normal wear. I was at the gym trying to open it like I normally do and the zipper pull came off. I was wondering if there is any type of warranty or another way for me to get it replaced? I loved this product because it made going to the gym and running so much easier, but unfortunately the product seemed to be defective. I still have the zipper pull and the broken SPIbelt if you would like me to return it to you.

Please send us an email at customerservice@spibelt.com. Please include your order # and when you bought it. Look forward to hearing from you.

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